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If you like Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, In Living Color, All That or Sketch Comedy, You’ll Love The Jared Jayden Show – The Best Talk Show in the History of the world, featuring some of the best funny videos and funniest video clips you’ll ever see.

You’re indeed quite lucky to be living during these epic times, and born in the same era as the Jared Jayden Show, and the members of it’s cast and crew. We apologize to those who died during that prior 2000+ year period, which will soon be referred to as “The Real Dark Ages”, as that was the time before this amazing show came into existence, and those who passed tragically never had the opportunity to witness it’s glory.

Before this show, the world truly had no reason to exist and people had nothing to live for. We didn’t mean to deprive them of our awesomeness, we just weren’t alive yet ourselves. But those living in this era with us, you are no doubt the Chosen Ones. One would have to be insanely ungrateful to not spend the majority of their existence partaking in the viewing of our show, and would no doubt be incredibly selfish, to ask for anything more out of life.

Now that we have finally risen, quite possibly as a direct result of divine intervention, so that we may introduce to the world the best thing ever known to man, “The Jared Jayden Show”, you may now commit yourself to being a member of our audience, and spreading the word about this miracle, where you will find that your life is suddenly more meaningful, and experience a whole new sense of “purpose”. Welcome to a world of Awesomeness and Pure Goodness like none other.

Just kidding about most of the above 🙂 but we hope you like the show.

We do it because we love it and for our fans. We’re inspired by those who appreciate what we do and who see the humor and entertainment value in our work (We’re motivated by those who don’t). Thank You for watching and for being part of Jared Jayden Nation.

– Jared Jayden



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